Get the Developer Productivity Report

Get the 2021 Developer Productivity Report

Learn how developers and DevOps are actually spending their time—and how it could be costing companies up to $61 billion per year.

Garden surveyed 400 developers and DevOps team members to learn how they're spending their time, what's causing them frustration—and what they wish they could be doing instead.

  • 54% of respondents identify slow feedback loops during the development process as a major (top 3) frustration
  • Respondents spend, on average, more than 15 hours every week on tasks outside of writing application code—from maintaining internal tooling, to setting up dev environments, to debugging pipelines, to waiting for builds and test results. In the US alone, this time spent could be costing companies up to $61 billion per year*
  • Seven in 10 respondents say the time they spend on specific tasks is time wasted and could be put to more strategic use.
    • 49% of these respondents say they would develop new products and services to support the company
    • 46% say they would improve speed and delivery of existing products and services
    • 44% say would improve security for existing products and services
* Based on median pay and number of software developer jobs in 2019, as reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics